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We use Zweigart® and Legacy® linens as our base fabrics. Our fabrics are hand-dyed with dyes made specifically for the textile industry. Please note that some shrinkage may occur during processing, particularly with the Graziano and Legacy based fabrics so all sizes given are approximate.

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Unevenweave Worksheet

32ct Examplar - Vintage
32ct Examplar - Regular

Hand-Dyed Zweigart® Linens

Our Zweigart® linens are available in both "Regular" and "Vintage" with the exception of Attic Lace (suggested substitute is Magnolia), Mourning Dove and Black Forest. The Regular version has minimal shading while the Vintage is more distressed.  With the Vintage version there may be color separation due to the different properties of each dye used. As each piece of vintage is unique, the image should only be considered representative of what you will receive.

Zweigart® fabrics are available in stitcher's halves (approx. 27" x 36" before processing) and stitcher's quarters (approx. 27" x 18" before processing).  A surcharge applies to quarter cuts.

All colors are available in 28, 32, 36, 40 and 46 counts. Please note: The count will affect the color - generally the higher count fabrics will be slightly lighter in color.

Hand-Dyed Legacy® Linen

This is the fabric for designers and stitchers who prefer a finer count than available in the Zweigart®.  We currently have only an unevenweave available using their Sesame Seed fabric as a base.  The count is approximately 52/60.  It is available in quarters only, approximately 27" x 36".  The colors do differ from the Zweigart based fabrics as the base fabric starts out a creamy yellow.

About the Dyes and Dye Lots

Our fabrics are dyed with fiber-reactive dyes that have been used in the textile industry for over 50 years. Fiber-reactive dyes bond with the fabric during the dyeing process. The resulting fabric is extremely color-fast and light-fast.

Although we follow the same dyeing procedure every time and are quite obsessive about accurate measurements, please note that there are a number of variables beyond our control that can result in variations in color and mottling between dye lots. These variables include different dye lots from both the fabric manufacturer and dye distributor as well as water conditions. Due to these ever changing variables we regret that we cannot guarantee the consistency of dye lots nor the degree of distress or mottling. We appreciate your understanding and suggest that if you plan to stitch any "companion" pieces that you purchase all the needed fabric at the same time.

Washing Guidelines

We recommended hand-washing your linens in a basin of warm water containing a small amount of Orvus® detergent. Rinse thoroughly, line dry and press with a hot iron. Note: Be sure your threads are washable if you intend to wash your projects!

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