Discontinued Colors

One very frustrating thing about the dye industry is that dyes are often discontinued or reformulated. When possible, we will reformulate at this end but sometimes our efforts are unsuccessful. If that occurs the color must be discontinued; therefore the following list. We have given substitutes where we or shops have found one to be acceptable.
The upside to this situation is that the dye manufacturers and distributors often add new colors as well which is how we develop our new fabric colors.





Autumn Red


Basketweave (suggested substitute is Pecan Butter)


Berry Spritz


Cattail Brown (suggested substitute is Wood Smoke)


Celtic Gold (suggested substitute is Cornsilk)


Coral (suggested substitute is Honeysuckle)


Green Tea (suggested substitute is Patina)





Lakeside Blue


Lakeside Green


Lime Zest (suggested substitute is Chartreuse by Weeks Dye Works)


Lynda's Lavender






Orange Zest (suggested substitute is Carrot by Weeks Dye Works)


Palomino (suggested substitute is Meadow Rue)


Peach Ice


Pink Lipstick (suggested substitute is Thistle Pink)




Purple Iris


Renaissance Red (suggested substitute is Ruby Wine by Zweigart)


Silver Fir (suggested substitute is Tarnished Silver)



Summer Sky (suggested substitute is Mount Baker Blue)


Tapestry Teal


Tempest (suggested substitute is Tundra)

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